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  The MetaMindMap is a fast and stunning way to browse dependencies between your MindMaps :

We use mind mapping for all sorts of everyday things, and the number of mindmaps is rapidly growing ...

MetaMindMap undertakes to explore your mindmaps (created with excellent free software Freemind or Freeplane).

It presents the existing links between your Mindmaps in the form of a new MindMap, the MetaMindMap.

This MetaMindMap allows you to view existing proximities between objects of your mindmaps, this in French and English.

MetaMindMap reuses DataMing/Knowledge Discovery algorithms, coming from SAEPE.CH, the Social Networks Newspaper.


Download and install the software on your PC/Windows :

     Why a MetaMindMap ?
  Main Window
  • Main Window

  • From this window you will do the selection of MindMaps, the Analysis and the creation of the resulting MetaMindMap.
  MindMaps selection
  • MindMaps select and Import

  • From this window you will do
    • the folders selection where you have your MindMaps,
    • a list of found MindMaps appears on the left,
    • use select/drag&Drop to put them on the right list,
      you create the list of MindMaps that will be analyzed by the DataMining.
  MindMaps Analysis
  • MindMaps analysis window

  • this window shows the progress of the DataMining/Data Clusterisation and Analyze of your selected MindMaps.
   The resulting MetaMindMap
  • MetaMindMap creation

  • The creation of the MetaMindMap starts Freemind (which must be installed on your PC).

    The MetaMindMap contains the following objects :

      This is the node level 0 of your mindmaps.


      This is the file name that contains the MindMap node level 0.
      By clicking on it, you open this MindMap in Freemind .


      This is a node in your MindMap who found a connection with another node of another MindMap .


      This is the node of the other MindMap which is in correspondence.


      This is the name of the other MindMap file that is sharing meaning with the first MindMap.
      By clicking on it, you open this MindMap in Freemind .

    In summary, the MetaMindMap allows you to access by clicking to the Mindmaps which own correspondences between them, this as well in French than in English.
  Advanced Functions
  • Preferences window

  • From this window of Preferences, you will change the choice of your MindMap tool, the format of the nodes of the MetaMindMap, the levels of DataMining, the Augmented MindMap.

    For example if you choose to enable the Augmented MindMap :
    Augmented MindMap allows you to obtain proposals for nodes from either a single MindMap (I created a MindMap and wishe some ideas/proposals from the news of social networks in order to increase my ideas), Either a set of MindMaps (where the nodes of MetaMindMap are complemented by external suggestions).

    The proposals for new nodes come from request to Saepe.ch

  • Window for the Nodes Format

  • From this window, you can define the nodes format inside the MetaMindMap as the Fonts, Colors, Sizes, ...

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